Adjustable Handrail Safety System / Australian Scaffold

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AUS Adjustable Handrail Safety System reduced:

Create safer work platforming between two trestles (single bay).

A. Telescopic handrail x3
B. Handrail end x2
C. Vertical post x2
D. Stabiliser leg x2 

$1,235 ex / $1,359 inc. gst (was $1,480).
OR including optional E. Trestle Spreader Bar x2: $1,345 ex / $1,479 inc. gst (was $1,600).

AUS Handrail Safety Extension reduced:

Create a dual bay - additional components to add-on for a continuous second bay.

A. Telescopic handrail x3
C. Vertical post x1
D. Stabiliser leg x1

$805 ex / $885 inc. gst (was $1,040).
OR including optional E. Trestle Spreader Bar x1: $859 ex / $945 inc. gst (was $1,100).

  • Prevent falls when working high up on trestles and planks
  • Tripod stabiliser legs to support handrails, weight distribution, reduce wobble
  • Create safer enclosed work platforming
  • Fully adjustable
  • Includes stabilisers
  • Fastest setup
  • Supports continuous handrailing
  • Easy to handle
  • Aluminium construction
  • Made in Melbourne Australia
  • Made to Australian Standards & WorkCover
  • Suitable plank sizes: supports 4m up to 6m planks
  • Suitable trestles sizes: supports 2.4m trestles up to 4.8m trestles 
  • Receipt and 12 months warranty

Material:  High grade aluminium
Warranty:  12 Months Australian warranty
Certified:  Australian Standards and WorkCover
Availability:  Melbourne, or delivery in Melbourne

Brochure : Adjustable Handrail Safety System
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This product is locally made to order. Approximately 5 business days fabrication turnaround.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Does not include trestles and planks.
Max span of work platform is limited by plank max span.
Designed for use with our RT Trestle Models.
Yakka Gear markings in photos for illustrative purposes only. 

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