Australian Aluminium Mobile Scaffold [Foldable System] : 3.25m / 3.6m / 3.8m / 4.2m / 5.5m / 6m

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AUS Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding [Foldable System] Reduced:

3.25m reachability
Platform height 0.34m to 1.2m.
Structural size 1.44m Lx 0.74m W x 1.85m H.
Toolkits Base.
Price $726 ex / $799 inc gst (was $1,050).

3.6m reachability (adjustable wheels)
Platform height 0.34m to ~1.6m.
Structural size 1.44m Lx 0.74m W x ~3.2m H
Toolkits Base, Adjustable wheels.
Price $1,253 ex / $1,378 inc gst (was $1,709).

3.8m reachability
Platform height 0.34m to 1.74m.
Structural size 1.44m Lx 0.74m W x 2.8m H.
Toolkits Extension, Base.
Price $989 ex / $1,088 inc gst (was $1,409).

4.2m reachability (adjustable wheels)
Platform height 0.34m to ~2.2m.
Structural size 1.44m Lx 0.74m W x ~3.2m H.
Toolkits Extension, Base, Adjustable wheels.
Price $1,515 ex / $1,667 inc gst (was $2,050).

5.5m reachability
Platform height 0.34m to 1.74m, 3.5m.
Structural size 1.44m Lx 0.74m W x 4.5m H (ex. adjustable stabiliser legs).
Toolkits Extension, Tower, Base.
Price $2,570 ex / $2,827 inc gst (was $3,309).

6m reachability 2-in-1 system (adjustable wheels)
Platform height 0.34m to ~2.2m, 3.5 to ~3.95m.
Structural size 1.44m Lx 0.74m W x ~4.9m H (ex. adjustable stabiliser legs)
Toolkits Extension, Tower, Base, Adjustable wheels.
Price $3,096 ex / $3,406 inc gst (was $3,950).

2-in-1 system 6m Reachability setup allows you to separate into 2x smaller bay towers.
Includes 1x set 5” standard castor wheels, 1x set 6” adjustable castor wheels, 2x platform with hatch.

Completely changes the way you work - quick, compact and mobile.
Built for safety - protecting every user.
Easy working - scaffolding has never been this easy.


  • Go anywhere indoors, outdoors, or on the go
  • Fits through doorways, corridors, tight spaces
  • Must-have size: 1.44m L x 0.74m W
  • Foldability for taking on the go or flatpack storage
  • Adjustable wheels options available for uneven surface or fine height adjustment
  • Wonderfully light and sturdy
  • Welded aluminium tube construction
  • Mobile workflow - one time setup and keep going with lockable wheels
  • Maximising work safety in a fenced enclosure
  • Proven safety with structural Welding to 1554 Australian Standards
  • Certified to AS/NZS1576 Australian Standards and WorkCover
  • Long life hard density resin castor wheels
  • 225kg load rating
  • Engineered for Australia
  • 2mm reinforced tube walls
  • Welded tube and secured connectors reduce shake
  • Rigid lightweight aluminium construction
  • Incredibly safe and fast setup with Foldable V-Frame for instant setup
  • Easy to manoeuvre by one person
  • Includes all the required parts upfront
  • Conveniently compact foldable internal ladder (Required for 5.5m and 6m reachability)
  • Preventing fallen objects with Toe board (Required 5.5m and 6m reachability)
  • Secured individually adjustable stabiliser legs (Required when using 5.5m and 6m reachability)
  • Generous individually adjustable wheels - fine tune approx. 300mm height adjustment, and use on even surfaces with the 6” Adjustable Castor Wheels toolkit

Choosing your scaffolding size

how to choose the right scaffolding height and size

Platform Height
Height to stand on.
Height reachable when ontop of the platform.
+2m from platform height for arm's reach.
Other important factors 
You'll need to consider if the surface area is uneven, or if you need more control for fine height adjustment, then you'll want to look at one of the configurations with the Adjustable Wheels toolkit.

Material: High grade aluminium body, Hard density resin caster wheels
Product weight (approx.):  Base toolkit 36kg,  Extension toolkit 11kg,  Tower toolkit 40kg,   Adjustable Wheels toolkit 17kg
Warranty: 12 months Australian manufacturer's warranty

AS/NZS1576 Australian Standards and WorkCover, Welding to 1554 Australian Standards
Pickup availability:  Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne. Note: a separate availability for Cairns and Townsville are available, call us for pricing. 
Delivery availability: Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and surrounding areas. 

Australian Mobile scaffolding foldable V frame - yakka gear - PDF brochure

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