Aluminium Adjustable Trestles (VIC)

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Aluminium adjustable trestles reduced^:
1.2m to 1.5m $312 inc. gst (was $407)
1.8m to 2.1m $352 inc. gst (was $447)
2.4m to 2.7m $445 inc. gst (was $519)
3m to 3.3m $502 inc. gst (was $562)
3.6m to 3.9m $564 inc. gst (was $613)
4.2m to 4.5m $609 inc. gst (was $715)
4.8m to 5.1m to $666 inc. gst (was $817)

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  • Setup on uneven surfaces using the individually adjusting legs
  • Create safe work platforming
  • Fits two planks for wider workspace
  • Supports continuous work platforming
  • 225kg load rating (up to 2x stronger than standard ladders)
  • Safety anti-slipping treads
  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminium welded construction
  • Fast setup
  • Everlasting aluminium plated feet, click here to learn more

Material:  High grade aluminium
Product Weight (approx.):  1.8m 12.5kg, 2.4m 16kg, 3m 20kg, 3.6m 24kg, 4.2m 27.5kg, 4.5m 31kg
Warranty:  12 Months Australian warranty
Certified:  Australian Standards and WorkCover
Availability:  Melbourne, or delivery to your door

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Why Ladder Platform Brackets are NOT for sale, click here to read

Yakka Gear markings in photos for illustrative purposes only. 
^ GP Trestle legs adjust 300mm; RT adjusts 260mm and has been rounded up to nearest decimal point for simplicity.  

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2.75% off for payments via bank transfer, call us to request an invoice

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