Yakka Gear investing in Aussie trestles factory in Melbourne

A new step, ready today.

Yakka Gear is investing resources into an aluminium trestles factory, which will see our manufacturing partner producing trestles — awesomely made locally in Melbourne — available today for local pickup or delivery to the Melbourne & Victoria region*.

Australia wide, for a full list of products available locally to you, learn more at https://yakkagear.com.au/collections

Australia and the world has been struck by shortages and widespread restocking delays, which has reduced the supply of products like Trestles, Planks and Mobile Scaffold, amongst many others.

In addition, the whole industry is concerned about things worsening before getting better.

Yakka Gear has been ramping up stocking units all through 2021, having secured additional inventory from key manufacturing partners. However the current situation remains and there is no quick fix.

Please note stock availability is subject to the warehouse location around Australia.
The easiest way is to check product availability from the website and call the office — from there you can receive advice on the closest pickup, delivery and stock availability.

Shop aluminium planks, plank clamps, trestles, mobile scaffolding here: www.yakkagear.com.au — available for pickup or express delivery.

* Trestle model is marked with "RT" 
RT is the rugged trestle, awesomely made locally in Melbourne.

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