Why Ladder Platform Brackets are NOT for sale

Here’s our thoughts on Ladder Platform Bracket products so that customers may better understand why Yakka Gear does not sell these products. 

Around worksites and retailers, you may have came across ladder platform brackets. They attach to an ordinary extension ladder to support a plank. If you haven’t came across one, refer to the pictures below.

Ladder Platform Bracket example 1

Ladder Platform Bracket example 2
(Photos reference: Australian Government WorkSafe)

This product comes with a giant safety risk, including being alerted by the Australian Government’s WorkSafe. Risks may include (but not limited to):

  • The person falling off the ladder from loss of balance trying to climb up and over the scaffolding plank 
  • The ladder falling backwards due ungrounded/unbalanced centre of gravity
  • Excessive point loading (weight stress) applied to the ladder rung by the bracket and cause rung failure
  • The bracket becoming dislodged due to poor/bad locking mechanism

Learn more on Australian Government WorkSafe website.

If you want to properly support a plank you must consider the safety specifications required.

Selecting the right product?
You must select the most safest product best suited to the task. Here are some helpful things to consider when deciding:

  • Consider the types of tasks you will be performing
  • The physical surroundings of where you will perform the tasks
  • The weather conditions

Yakka Gear recommends 2 options:

OPTION #1: Aluminium adjustable trestles

Trestles are designed for planks and made to support higher load ratings, unlike ordinary ladders.
With adjustable feet, you can easily adjust the height or setup on uneven surfaces.
Trestles allows you to fit two planks for a wider and safer platform.
This is one of the fastest scaffolding setups and is flexible for making various platform lengths from different plank sizes.

OPTION #2: Aluminium mobile scaffolding

This scaffolding offers fully enclosed safety fencing.
One time setup and keep going with lockable wheels.
Easy to manoeuvre by one person.
Adjustable wheels also available.
Mobile scaffolding, like trestles, are made to support higher load ratings, unlike ordinary ladders.


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