Tools for finishing jobs before Christmas

Now's the time for locking in what you need now and into 2022.

Next week is already Christmas!
Which means this week is the week where you'll be organising what tools and materials you need for finishing any jobs before Christmas.

If inflation and shortages has taught us all one thing these last 2 years, it is the only way to stay ahead of everything is be 3, 6 or even 12 months ahead of things.

Yakka Gear is constantly obsessing about value, quality, choice, product availability, fast pickup or express delivery to your door -- so you don't need to, saving your time and resources for what you do best.


As the we all are looking forward to a break, spending time with friends and family, please note Yakka Gear will be closed from the time listed below:


22 December 2021  -  6 January 2022


Shop aluminium planks, plank clamps, trestles, mobile scaffolding here: — available for pickup or express delivery.

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