The right plank size for the job

What is the best plank size?

The longer the aluminium plank, the better (generally).
Longer requires less moving around of your setup, and provides a more spacious workspace.
So it is normally suggested to go as long as you can possible. 

The right length plank will also be determined by space you have to work work within.

If you are regularly using planks or have multiple different spaces to work within, then it will be better to have multiple planks in different sizes on hand. 

If you need a custom size, then look for planks that use a removable end cap system (screw or pop rivet).  Avoid using welded endcaps because it is fixed into the plank and DO NOT allow you to easily remove the endcaps and reattach it to the newly trimmed end of the plank. 

There is no one size fits all. Instead, we choose the right plank size best matched to the space and limitations we face.

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