Solving for the right scaffold platform

Mobile Scaffold vs Fixed Scaffold?
Mobile scaffold vs Trestles?

The problem with fixed scaffolding is already in the name. 
It’s fixed, and it means having to cover the entire area (or house) in fixed scaffolding to be able to complete the project without rebuilding the platform every time.

Mobile scaffolding and trestles on the other hand provide good flexible solutions.

Mobile Scaffolding is a platform for users who want a mobile one-time-setup work platform to move around, as well as be used for both indoors and outdoors. The fencing keeps you fully enclosed and there's also option for individually adjustable wheels.

The other option is adjustable Trestles with planks that gives you a spacious and long working platform. Setup on uneven surfaces using the individually adjusting legs. Supports continuous work platforming, and is fast to setup.

It is best to consider your situation and the problem you are looking to solve:

  1. How often would you be needing to move the platform?
  2. Will the ground be even or uneven?
  3. Do you need to use it inside or outside or both?

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