Owning vs Renting scaffold

The most expensive way to work on a project is to rent it, and then you’re rushing against time to complete it before it goes overtime and over budget.

The most expensive way to use equipment is to keep driving back and forth to collect and drop-off from the hire, having the right car and person and time available every time.

The most expensive way to use equipment is to hire and then pass on these expensive hire fees onto your client.

Better to own it:

  1. You’ll always encounter projects that run overtime, or have unexpected delays
  2. You’ll have the right tools on hand, available when you need it (now)
  3. You can choose to pass on zero or lower fees to hire out your own gear to your clients, and therefore making the tools an opportunity for generating new cashflow to your organisation

Even when you’re done and have no more use, you can always sell it and get most of your money back — long-life utility items always hold value best.


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