New or second hand scaffolding?

6 tips you need to consider when shopping the right gear for your work.

1. Safety

While some things don’t need to perfect, you cannot afford to have room for error when it comes to safety.

Damaged goods or bent out-of-shape tools may be dangerous to your safety, and voiding insurances, and be unsatisfactory to WorkCover/WorkSafe requirements.

2. Parts

You want to make sure if parts need replacement, then you can actually find the parts to fit your mobile scaffolding or trestles.

3. Steel material products

A lot of second hand goods on the second-hand market are made of steel, not aluminium ― steel is an old fashioned scaffolding material that is too heavy to use and easily rusts.

4. Second-hand marketplace

Dealing with the second-hand marketplace can be massive time sink.

Sinking time into searching for tools that are actually in good enough condition for a reasonable price, to then the time spent talking with sellers, and then driving out to inspect and make sure it is actually as described… this all comes at a massive cost to your time and travel expenses. 

Plus once you’ve accept the goods, there is basically nothing you can do either if the product does not work as described.

5.  Claimable business expenses

Buying brand new you may be able to actually take advantage of claiming cashback on the GST amount, plus claiming the overall cost against your business’s taxable income.

6. Fast and simple online payment

Yakka Gear accepts both online bank transfer payment and credit cards. All invoices are sent directly to your email inbox and from there orders take literally take less than 1min to checkout.

All Yakka Gear orders are prepped for pickup/delivery in advance (we check this with you before invoicing) so all you need to do is collect/receive your order.




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Disclaimer: Yakka Gear does not offer legal advice and is not responsible. This is the opinion of Yakka Gear, and hopes it will be helpful to shoppers make better informed decisions.