New magnesium shortage problem for aluminium

Getting ahead of the much talked about shortages has been the most challenging and vital to getting any work done in 2021.

This is what you need to know now to keep staying ahead of it in 2021 and 2022.

Magnesium is widely used in producing metals, and this includes aluminium products. Googling "magnesium shortage" will show you the latest info on this.


If you have a need for aluminium related products, then securing these products now as opposed to waiting will be helping insure your work gets done.


The much talked about existing shortages are already affecting the construction industry, becoming normal to see 6 month delays on stock availability.


This new problem requires clear awareness. 

You can begin by identifying the boundaries and the assets involved in your work. 


Yakka Gear is going to work to help solve it, securing additional inventory from manufacturing partners. However the current situation remains and there is no quick fix.


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