Elon’s 5 Steps to improving your work & time

Start applying the same steps that Elon Musk is using to masterfully build Tesla and SpaceX:


5 Steps (in order)

  1. Questioning why the requirements we currently have are there
  2. Deleting parts or processes that aren’t needed
  3. Simplifying or optimising
  4. Accelerating time — things can always be faster
  5. Automating processes


If you do not follow this in order, it might be a very costly mistake.

It is tempting to start with automation (Step 5) straightaway but when you need to make changes for Steps 1-4 then this can be slow and costly when you have to completely change the automation system or delete it.

Likewise you do not want to start with Step 4, because you could be accelerating mistakes which will cost more time and resources to fix.

Therefore it is simpler and cost effective to move through the steps in order, so that when you get to each step it is building off the improvements you have already made.



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