Do 2x more work and work safer with Plank Clamps – Buyer’s Guide

The magic of the plank clamp is the simple ability to link 2 planks together, and then effectively doubling the workspace you have to work on.

But why not just put 2 planks side by side then?

If you have ever tried this then you will already know it how dangerous it is...
This is because the planks will lift up and down independently of each other as you shift your weight from one plank to another — which your feet or tools can easily get stuck in.

So the solution: the plank clamp.

As the name says, it clamps two planks together to prevent the planks moving independently.

Not all clamps are made equal...

It is best to avoid the ones that are designed with a nut and bolt system that requires an Allen Key (aka Hex Key) for tightening and loosening on/off, as you do not want to be wasting time fiddling around with little things — often too hard or may be dangerous when you are high off the ground.

What to look for?

You will want to look for one with an easy hand lever for adjusting the plank clamp when tightening and loosening.

The best designed plank clamps will have a spreader bar system that goes underneath the planks to help evenly distribute the weight across both planks — and effectively helps halves the flex on the planks.

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