UPDATE Aluminium Trestles & Mobile Scaffold Stock: When and Where to Buy in March 2021

(Updated: March 2021)

Which locations have Aluminium Trestles & Mobile Scaffold stock for March 2021? And which areas can the Trestles & Mobile Scaffolding be shipped to?

Demand for these tools have exceeded supply, leaving many unable to purchase these tools.

Yakka Gear will be doing our best to be stocking more units in 2021, having secured additional inventory from our key manufacturing partners.

However, there is no quick fix to the current stock situation due to an overall shortage.

In Australia, more stock is now being made available to order at yakkagear.com.au.

Here’s where you can buy at restocked locations:

Aluminium Trestles & Mobile Scaffold stock: When and where you can buy in Australia

Queensland (QLD)
Pickup: Brisbane
Delivery: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas

New South Wales (NSW)
Pickup: Sydney
Delivery: Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Wollongong, Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas

Victoria (VIC)
Pickup: Melbourne
Delivery: Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding areas

Australia Capital Territory (ACT)
Pickup: Sydney
Delivery: Canberra and surrounding areas


NOTE: Availability of shipping may vary based on size of products and areas serviced.

Shop aluminium planks, plank clamps, trestles, mobile scaffolding here: www.yakkagear.com.au -- available for pickup or express delivery.




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