A world of growing wait times

Navigating supply chain inefficiencies.

In January and March this year, Yakka Gear warned of major supply chain issues reaching 4-10 months.

And now we are seeing it everywhere in all aspects of life, and ETAs are now reaching up to 12 months due to manufacturing workforce shortages, material shortages, shipping port delays, a lack of truck drivers, and a supply that cannot satisfy the demand.

Supply chains are now reaching record high estimates.
Even Yakka Gear, despite our efforts to continually secure additional manufacturing resources, drivers, and inventory from key manufacturing partners, the current situation remains and there is no quick fix — there will be products out of stock.

So what can you do to get around the supply chain inefficiencies?

Plan ahead.
Set goals that your future self will thank you for doing now.
Be careful not to set goals based just off your current situation now — begin thinking ahead, “what would the future me from 12 months in the future need?”

As a result you may greatly benefit from sorting out your building tools, materials, and workforce 12 months in advance to ensure minimal exposure to costly delays and volatile prices.

This also means you may need to start considering additional storage space for your building tools and materials. Whether that is on your property or someone you know, or getting some warehouse spacing.



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